A song

Morning and evening, for you and about you,
For you and about you, as ever, I sing.
Tempest and stillness, joy and lamenting,
Hurting and balsam, comfort and sting.

At times, when I miss your reply for a moment,
At times, when it seems the attachment is gone,
A moment — and once more I'm singing about you,
Singing about you, passion and scorn.

For you and about you, for you and about you —
My song is a thousand violins' rite.
Tempest and stillness, laughter and tears,
Hurting and balsam, darkness and light.

Original at http://www.benyehuda.org/rachel/Rac072.html
Sung by Shuli Natan at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXFw3nc-ln0

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translated by Shimon Edelman <se37@cornell.edu>
Last modified on Mon Dec 21 12:43:36 2015