wanted: a prospective psycholinguist

Cognitive Studies at
 Cornell Wanted: a graduate research assistant, to work on the psycholinguistics of syntactic structures. The research will be conducted within the framework of a project focused on a new computational theory of language, inspired by the work of Zellig Harris.

Location. The candidate will enroll in the graduate field of Psychology and will join Shimon Edelman's lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. The department of Psychology, along with the other academic units that participate in the Cornell Cognitive Studies Program, offers an excellent research environment and outstanding educational opportunities. Ithaca is widely acclaimed as the most livable small city in the Northeast. The Cornell campus, situated on a hill overlooking Cayuga Lake, is close to several NY state parks, and is only 30 minutes away from a nice little ski resort.

Support. The candidate will receive, in addition to the regular support offered by the Graduate School, a generous summer stipend and conference travel allowance, funded by a grant from the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation to Shimon Edelman, Eytan Ruppin and David Horn.

The application deadline for the Fall admission is January 15. The application must be submitted to the Cornell Graduate School. Inquiries (only those specific to this project) should be directed to Shimon Edelman (+1 607 255 6365).

Shimon Edelman <se37@cornell.edu>
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